Another successful Halloween!

I realize that Halloween is still over a week away, but for me it's come and gone. See, I got married on Halloween, so now the holiday for us is one of romance. I'm not complaining - I LOVE IT! Halloween is my favourite holiday, and I love how extra special it is now. Besides, I'm a little to old to dress up and trick or treat [unfortunately]! So I might as well spend the evening celebrating with my sweetie and enjoying some sweets! ;D

So anyway, the main Halloween event for me is Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney's Magic Kingdom. Every year I get tickets for my birthday and I just love it to pieces! This year marked the fourth year I've gone and the third time I've really dressed up. Last year of course was all about my Marie Antoinette dress that I made from a pattern - it was quite the undertaking! This year was amazingly simple.

I thought about my costume for quite a long time. I wanted to be a Viking, but I thought that [besides being expensive] walking around Florida in Viking gear would be suicidal - SO hot! So the idea of being Sookie Stackhouse from HBO's True Blood [even though it's the BOOKS I love the most] in her Merlotte's waitressing uniform seemed perfect. Shorts and a t-shirt - cool and comfortable! At first, I was going to buy the t-shirt from the HBO Shop website... for, what, $25 or something? Maybe more. I ended up making my own shirt for $5. That's how much I paid for a white v-neck t-shirt from Wal-Mart. I made my own iron-on transfer and used the paper I already had to $5 and less than an hour later there you go! HA! lol I mean sure, it's not EXACTLY the same, but close enough!

Next was the apron, which I previously blogged about. The HBO shop was charging around $20. Mine was $2. This time, MY apron was closer to the "real" thing because the shop put the Merlotte's Bar logo on it, when in the show it is just a plain green apron.

All that was left was the black shorts, which I already had, the black sneakers, which I already had, and to buy a blonde wig - because it would take a miracle to get my dyed black hair BACK to my original blonde hair without MAJOR damage... and, well, I just didn't want to! Hah. At first I was worried that I would be super hot in a wig...

Turns out, that night was in the SIXTIES! Oh yea, sure, that may be warm to you, but did I mention that here in Florida it was in the low NINETIES a mere four days before? That's a sharp difference - and I froze my TOOSHIE off! I took a thin black cardigan with a 3/4 length sleeve, thank GOD, but my poor legs were turning purple by the end of the night. There was a fierce wind blowing down Main Street while we were waiting for the parade to start and it took me HOURS to recover. I mean, I simply adore cold weather and I would rather be cold than hot so I wasn't complaining - it was my husband who was worried about my purple legs, haha. However, one of the best things about cold weather is bundling up for it. When I got home that night I put long pants on, a sweater over my night shirt, thick socks, and even broke out the space heater. I was STILL frozen to the core! It ended up making me sick and I had to go to sleep wrapped around my trusty hot water bottle. Ha! So awesome! ;P

Anyway, follow this link to photos from the evening.

Oh! I forgot to mention! My dear hubby, in usual "man" fashion, left his costume to the ABSOLUTE last minute - as in, he drove off to work the morning of the party still with no costume. So I spent that afternoon making his costume. He was going as Alcide, a character from the True Blood books. He's a werewolf that has the hots for Sookie, but it's complicated so it never really goes anywhere. Anyway, I sewed brown fur the the cuffs and collar of a button up black shirt. I also came up with, what I thought was, an ingenuis idea to sew fur to his flip flops [because I couldn't sew it to his only pair of black slacks]. His slacks covered his foot to the fur, so it really did look like he had fur covered feet and wasn't wearing shoes! I was quite tickled - and it was a big hit. [By the way, he made his nose a long long time ago and I couldn't talk him out of it. It was really cute, though :)]

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