Blogging to Avoid Panicking  


Yea, I am DEFINITELY panicking!

It's almost exactly a week until we sail out and my dress isn't finished! I still have to take in the lining, patch up the seams I ripped to take in the sides, let it hang over night, hem it, and make the belt... and that's just the dress! I haven't even started on the jacket! I'm worried I won't have time to make it lined... or even make it at all! At first I said that was the beauty of this pattern, but if you know me at all you know that I NEVER go sleeveless. But it's more than that - I would feel defeated and like I didn't actually accomplish my goal. If it means I have to stay up late sewing on October 31st, then so be it! Haha

1 week certainly sounds like long enough to do what I have to do... except, I have two other projects that have to be finished first! My friend Kelly asked me to make her 5 more scrub caps - which I'm thrilled to do! It's just bad timing, heh. I would have said I'll have them done when I get back from vacation, but she gave me some Halloween fabric to make one with so obviously she would want to wear that one a.s.a.p! The last time I made her scrub caps, I made my own pattern to use over and over again, so yesterday I spent the day cutting and gathering all of my pieces so now I can just sit down and sew. I also finished one yesterday - not the Halloween one, because I had to wait for my hubby to pop to Wal-Mart and get me some black bias tape. It took me a bit because I had to get back into the swing of it, so hopefully from now on it will go faster and smoother. My plan is to get as many done as I can by the end of Saturday [the Halloween one will be the first to get done today] because I need to devote Sunday to a secret project!

I can't go in to detail yet about my secret project, obviously, because it's a secret! It's a secret from my hubby, and whilst he knows about A secret, that's all he knows. I COULD work on it when he's home sleeping, but I've done that before and it's a little nerve-wracking - it's distracting to work in fear that at any minute he can wake up early and sneak up on me, haha. So instead I'll be working on the project on Sunday, when he works at the mall in the early to late afternoon. I HOPE I can get it all done on Sunday, but that might be a bit ambitious... we'll see!

So, Monday and Tuesday will be devoted to my dress. Wednesday is my husband's birthday, so we'll be out all day for that. I COULD work at night after my husband goes to work, if I needed to. Thursday and Friday I'm not certain about, but same as Wednesday I could work at night. Saturday is Halloween/ Our Anniversary so we've got plans all day for that, and then of course Sunday more we set off on our vacation!

See why I'm nervous? I only have a few days at the MOST to finish all that needs to be done on my dress PLUS the other two projects! YIKES! I should probably get off my bum and get to work!

ps - Thankfully, I don't have to work music-less anymore! I sold my PSP and raised money other ways and was able to go buy myself a new iPod!!! It's a GORGEOUS teeny-tiny little pink iPod nano, 16GB! It is seriously like a credit card, and it takes VIDEO, too! While it clashes a little with my pink-of-a-different-shade earphones, I am BEYOND happy! :D I've named her Cecilia, after the Patron Saint of Music.

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