Sometimes life needs LOL Cats  


LOL. Ahh... I feel better already!

This afternoon I was feeling majorly accomplished... six hours later - not so much.

I finished three of the five caps, including the Halloween one, so I decided to call it and just give my friend the three now and the other two when I get back from vacation. I'm a little disappointed in myself for not finishing them in time. I was just REALLY starting to panic that I was running out of time to do the things that HAD to be done by Saturday.  If I finish my dress early [HA!] and I have the time, I'll totally work on them, but... it's unlikely. I did, however, finish my "secret project!" I spent a couple hours on it last night and finished it late this afternoon. I'm quite pleased with it, but only time will tell if it was truly a success. I'll probably post a blog about it when I get back from the cruise...

...As for the dress - slow, but steady. The dress itself is now all finished up and hanging, ready to be hemmed. I'm not entirely thrilled with it, I have to say. It doesn't look as polished as I would like in the back, but hey, that will be covered up by the jacket anyway haha. The jacket... *sigh* Well, I started it. I found the directions a little overwhelming, since I'm a.) doing this for the first time and b.) changing it up by lining it. So, not only do I have to read the directions to figure out what I'm supposed to do, but then I have to adjust on my own. *Grumble* It seems simple enough in my head, but then the directions just intimidate me and I lose all steam. I'll probably just end up winging it, really. I THINK I can handle it, but the time crunch STILL has me worried.

The belt has been the catalyst for my hissy-fit tonight. It's super long and skinny and I spent all damn night trying to turn it right-side out. My fingers are sore, I'm super frustrated, and all in all it just feels like a HUGE failure. And it's just a belt! UGH! Right now I'm too pissy to deal with it, but I REALLY hope I don't have to re-do it all together - I'm just not sure I have time.

God, I hope the jacket goes well. I NEED the jacket to go well. And fast. And well...

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