Not at All Realted to Crafting  


 I'm sorry, but this entry has absolutely nothing to do with crafting. Instead, it is a recap of an awesome dream last night. It was such a cool story, I thought I had to write it down. Unfortunately, I have no where else to "publish" this. I'm not even sure it warrants "publishing," but whatever - it's my blog. Read if you want, if not - keep on keepin' on....

The dream begins joining a story already in progress: It's around the 19th Century, probably in some part of Paris - somewhere dreary with winding, narrow cobblestone streets and dark corners, perfect for vampire mischievousness.... More on that later on.

In this dream, I am playing the role of a random woman that Lestat has chosen to keep captive for whatever reason. No one has fed from me [yet] and he has no intention of killing me [yet]. I guess you could say I was more like the hired mistress of the house, though there certainly was no payment and I was NOT free to leave upon my choosing. I cannot vividly remember Lestat as I do most of the other details, though I do believe he is in fact Tom Cruise as he was in the movie. In my dream, Lestat lived in an extravagantly decorated, fairly large house, much like the one from the movie - not the Colonial one in Louisiana, but the one before that in where he, Louis, and their "child" Claudia live. In this story there is no Claudia. Perhaps that is why I am in the dream - I replace Claudia's role as the extra torment for Louis. Ah, Louis. Louis is as he was in the movie, more or less, except for one major detail: instead of Brad Pitt, my Louis is played by none other than Alexander Skarsgard! I believe he is actually portraying Eric Northman, too, though I cannot be certain. I don't even remember if he is actually called Louis or Eric, but for the sake of this recap, let's continue to call him Louis.

Louis seems as he was in the movie: tormented about his new role in life - vampire. He cannot bring himself to drink from humans, as though he is loyal to Lestat, he hates him. Lestat is over-indulgent and has no value on human life, and Louis resents him for throwing him into this lifestyle. In my dream, we are already situated as a household: Lestat and his victims, and Louis and.... me. Louis loves me, but I am angry at the vampires and hesitate to explore my feelings for him. I am more of a companion for Louis, and a play-thing for Lestat, though as I said - neither have yet to drink from, though Lestat certainly threatens to often.

I remember sitting and having a conversation with Louis - He is remorseful and sad, and because of this I feel sorry for him... and maybe a little more than that. Louis softly asks me to try and forgive him, and maybe one day I could bring myself to love him. That seems to be all he wants in life - not to be feared as vampire, but loved as a man.

Throughout the dream, there are little events. For instance, Lestat bringing humans in and toying with them before he drains them: the humans acting as prey, running around the giant house trying to flee and hide from Lestat, their predator. When the hunt was on, I found I would have to run and hide too, else Lestat in his blood-lust might decide just to snack on me. Eventually, Lestat turns his attentions to me permanently - probably because Louis refuses to become just like him, and seems more affectionate to me rather than him. And so, Louis finds he must wage a personal uprising against Lestat, but to do that he needs more strength: whatever he is feeding off of is not human, and thus it makes him weaker than the already stronger Lestat.

Louis and I dash off in to town under, running through the dark, twisted corners to find some poor soul for Louis to feed from. The only candidate we find is a younger girl, dressed to the nines. He convinces her to come with him into a dark little stairwell where he proceeds to feed from her. I keep watch, for several people, albeit men with a different kind of deviant nature, have noticed our strange behaviour. I turn around to make sure Louis does not drain the girl to death. Then we make a dash back to the mansion, only to find the streets eerily empty. The few people we do see appear to be more zombie than human: they are pale and frozen in motion with nothing but the blood flowing down their upright bodies. We know something strange is happening....

This is where the plot gets a little hazy, I'm afraid. Instead of witnessing the dream through my own eyes, I am viewing as though watching a movie. Louis comes home to find Lestat cradling a corpse on the couch. His back is turned as Louis finds me - and this is where it gets ridiculous - as a lamp. Yes, I know - I said it was ridiculous! It turns out that Lestat has waged his own war on the entire town, because he was afraid they were catching on to them. He says they must flee, but Louis refuses to go. He is at my side as we are both crying - I profess my love for him and ask him to turn me so we might be together forever. Louis hesitates but then bares my neck and his fangs. However, Lestat stops him and tells Louis that I must die along with the other citizens - we are all to be burned so that it looks like a horrific accident. As Louis screams in protest, and we both sit there crying - I wake up.