So much to knit, so little time...  


Well, as usual, present inspiration has struck me at the very last minute. Either that, or I have a brilliant idea in October and think there is plenty of time and then come the end of November all I can say is "shit."

I'm still working on the butterfly dishcloths. Apparently a full dozen were requested, not the half a dozen I thought I heard. Hmmm... If I work diligently and uninterrupted, then I can crank out one a day. But, of course, life doesn't flow so easily so after all this time I only have 5 done. And of course I have the mammoth project of the bag looming on my shoulders... at least I bought the yarn for it. I don't have a definitive due date for that either, which is both a blessing and a curse. I told him that it would take me a while, but I still feel bad.

I also have a few other projects/gifts that I'm HOPING to get finished by Christmas [obviously I can't tell you here - cheeky!], but that could just be me being my usual, foolishly optimistic self. Oh well - a late Christmas gift is better than no gift at all, right? If I'm not finished, then I'll simply just give each recipient a wrapped box with a mysterious sliver of yarn in it and a finely decorated piece of paper with "I.O.U" written on it.  ;)

Oh, and if you don't hear from me much between now and after Christmas, it's because my hands have been crippled by all the knitting.

I apologize in advance for the length  


Since getting back from the cruise I've been a busy little beaver... Well, kinda.

The thing is, as soon as we got back on land the horrible sinus headaches I had all trip finally manifested into a cold. I'm grateful that it waited until the vacation was over, but it a.) made ending the vacation that much tougher and b.) slowed me down when I had things to do!

I mentioned in a previous blog that I was making scrub caps for a friend. I got three of the five [including the Halloween one - remember?] finished before we left, so I had the last two to finish when we got back. I felt bad enough for not finishing them all, so I didn't want to leave it too long. However, sewing is something that I personally feel you need to be in tip-top shape for, otherwise you make a load of stupid mistakes and could potentially ruin the project... which is ALMOST what happened. Since I had all the pieces cut out already and all I had to do was assemble, each hat should have only taken an hour or two - instead, one hat took me like four hours because I kept making stupid stupid mistakes because I still felt poorly. I wasn't able to use my iPod, either, since I forgot to charge it. I really don't work well without music [I'm calling it a fact now]. Anyway, in the end, as always, it all turned out ok. My poor hubby had to suffer a couple temper-tantrums, but he should be used to it by now ;)

The other project that was waiting for me when we got home was one of my "signature" Twilight bracelets. First, a little back story:

Yes, this time last year I was obsessed with the Twilight books [before the movie came out, I'd like to mention]. Of course, it reflected in my crafts. I made a few pieces of Twilight inspired jewelry to wear to the midnight screening of the movie and they were a huge hit [the best thing about that night, because the movie sure wasn't, haha]. Lots of people [ok, they were teenage girls] commented on them and asked me where I got them, and were very impressed that I made them. Unfortunately, this was before I had started my etsy, so I missed a golden opportunity to pimp myself out. When I finally got around to opening my etsy shop, however, the two twilight bracelets were the first thing to be listed! The stretchy "book cover" bracelet sold within a couple hours! So I made another - and that one sold. Then came a Twilight convention - I made my friend one to wear to it, and I made a different version of it for myself, on top of a bunch of other Twilight inspired jewelry. The second my friend and I arrived at the Twilight convention we were swarmed by a bunch of older women who wanted to know about my jewelry! I passed out a lot of business cards that day, but I didn't see any immediate boost in sales.

Then came Twilight convention #2, haha! We wore the same jewelry and this time, it wasn't other Twilight fans who noticed and complimented - it was the Twilight STARS! Well, just one. The hottest one - Kellan Lutz [aka: Emmett Cullen]! We went to take a photo of him and he said he liked our jewelry and asked us where we got it - When we told him that I made it, he said "That's cool!" *blush* It was unexpected and awesome. I also gave out quite a few business cards that time. If I'd have known, I would have taken a lot more. We ended up leaving about 10 on a table next to the "photo" line and within minutes they were all gone! But, once again, I didn't see an immediate boost in sales. So fat lot of good that did, eh?

Eventually the listings expired and I've just not bothered to renew them because, well, I'm about ten different kinds of OVER Twilight! I still appreciate the books and how I felt about them when I read them, but... the movie is just so LAME! I LOVE some of the actors [and HATE Kristen Stewart ], and I LOVE making fun of the movie [and Kristen Stewart] with my close friends who feel the same way - hence why we all trailed all the way up to Atlanta for the convention, but it's gotten WAY out of control. The marketing is overkill to the extreme and, well, I'm just over it! Sure, I'm still going to New Moon [HELLO! One of my favourite actors/characters tries to KILL my LEAST favourite actor/character! That's worth $8 right there!] at midnight, but make no mistake, I will not enjoy waiting in that line with those teeny-boppers. I've moved on to bigger and badder things - True Blood! I've even been toying with the idea of bringing one of the books from the Sookie Stackhouse series to read whilst waiting for New Moon [and perhaps a bookmark that says "Real vampires don't sparkle?"].

Anyway! I've gotten WAY off track here! The whole point of this babble-fest was the Twilight bracelet! My good friend Michelle asked me to make one for a younger family member's birthday. I started on it before we went on vacation and finished it as soon as I was able when we got back. It was sort of nice to make it again, since it's where all of this started, but I really really REALLY don't want to be known as the girl who makes Twilight jewelry and nothing else. It's not where my heart is, and frankly, I'm not sure I want that kind of attention [aka: dealing with the demographic]. I'll still make it if someone asks for it, of course.

I have three other commissions lined up within the immediate future, as well. I got a custom order request on etsy for three matching, painted sunflower bracelets, so that's what I'm working on right now. Next, I'll be knitting a half-dozen [I think] butterfly dishcloths for a very good friend. I made her two for her birthday and I guess she liked them because she wants more! Heh. I used an non-bleached cotton yarn that my Nanny gave me from England, but I don't have enough left to do six, so I'll have to see if JoAnn's has anything similar. The last project is something I've just recently gotten myself into - a knitted J.R. "Bob" Dobbs tote bag. This fabulous creature known as Logan is a big fan of the icon and all he stands for, so when I happened to mention in passing that I have a pattern for the graphic, he was VERY excited and damn-near begged for something, heh.

So there you have it! Busy busy busy! When I have a lot of things I have to do, I tend to shut down and generally avoid working in any way possible [say, BLOGGING] until the last possible minute. I'm trying desperately not to do that, but I'm not sure how successful. Of course, the only thing that I gave myself an absolute deadline for is the etsy commission, but it's not like I want to take too long to do the others - just because I'D feel bad.

Once again I'll end this kicking myself in the pants, telling myself to stop gabbing, and get to work!

Well, THAT was a disappointment!  


Soooooooooooooooooo..... remember all that effort I made in to getting the dress ready in time for the cruise? You know, since I MADE the dress FOR the cruise?!

Well, as you know I finished it. I didn't know when I should wear it, but as it turned out we were booked for the most formal, nautical-themed restaurant on our last night - Triton's [as in, King Triton from"The Little Mermaid" hehe]

However, on our second night they did a formal portrait session before dinner where you could dress up and get professional portraits taken - the characters were even dressed in their best tuxes and gowns! I decided to take the opportunity to get some photos in my dress so I ran up to the room, threw it on, tried to make my hair look decent, and ran back down to join the ques! I didn't bring my purse or put on my gloves because I figured I'd just wear them to dinner and not have to fuss with them for photos. After Greg and I took photos together, I couldn't resist getting a photo with Goofy in his tux! I even got a little snog from Goofy, though he ended up awkwardly smashing my nose in, haha. Anyway, dinner that night was at one of the more casual restaurants so I ended up changing BACK into one of my more appropriate outfits.

On the last night I was all set to wear my Sailor Dress - I did my make-up all purdy, spent ages trying to get my hair to behave, had my pantyhose and special bra on [haha], got in my dress, asked my hubby to do up my zipper, and....

.... snap.

The zipper split.

Part of me wanted to laugh. Part of me wanted to cry. But, most of me just wanted to kick the CRAP out of my dress! And, well, that's exactly what I did. I couldn't help it! All that build-up! All that WORK! All to be FOILED at the VERY LAST FREAKING SECOND by my arch-nemesis, WAL-MART! I HATE you Wal-Mart! I hate you hate you HATE YOU!

After standing in disbelief for a second, then another couple seconds kicking the dress around the room, I had MINUTES to put another outfit together. I ended up wearing my white dress with the jacket I made for the dress [with the collar folded down so the stripes showed], the matching purse I made, and the new sailor-themed flip-flops I got on the trip [my old ones broke whilst on the island - the one place I DIDN'T get my 40% cast-member discount... I'm starting to think I'm a little too unlucky to just be quirky and amusing]. I was obviously disappointed in the outfit, since I was supposed to be wearing something MUCH more fabulous. Especially since it was the fanciest restaurant and there I was wearing flip-flops! Not that it was against the rules or anything, but still! I was SUPPOSED to be wearing my fabulous and favourite retro silver pumps! *sigh* Oh well, everything happens for a reason, right? I guess it ended up being lucky I had those ultra-adorable navy sailor Disney Cruise Line flip-flops that matched the jacket and purse so perfectly so it actually was a cute outfit [though, I still think it wasn't very flattering....]. Oh, and did I mention that the stripes of lining fabric turned the arm-pit of my white dress PINK?! Again, thank you Wal-mart. [You get what you paid for: the cheap fabric is actually white linen with red stripes painted or dyed or whatever on it, so it rubs off!]

Basically what I'm saying is this: NEVER depend on Wal-Mart. I used the cheap, black zipper because I HAD it, instead of investing in a better quality one, and I paid the price in the end. Curses! Oh, I'm also saying that the post of all the detailed photos and stuff about my dress is going to have to wait a little longer because now I have to go back and put a new zipper in! CURSES!