Remember Me?!  


I'm back!

After being absent for a very, very long time, I present my latest finished project:

It's a little wooden cupboard that I've re-finished as a house-warming present for my mum! Yes, it's Cinderella's Castle from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom - she's slightly Disney obsessed ;P I have three of these cupboards and I plan on doing each park icon. The next one shall be the most important - Disney's Animal Kingdom, where both my mum and I work! [Notice what's on the television behind the cupboard? hehe FIFA FEVER!!! COME ON, ENGLAND!] *Ahem*

It's taken me a LOT longer than I originally planned, as I wanted to have it ready as a surprise for mum when she moved into her new place at the beginning of June. However, I severely under-estimated how difficult it would be! It took three coats of primer alone! Why? Because THIS is what it looked like when I got my hands on it:

Drawing it up proved to be a MAJOR pain in the butt. I used both a real photo of the castle and a children's colouring book image for line reference.... Unforunately, the children's colouring book image was slightly off from what the castle actually looked like, so I discovered about half-way through drawing the lines [in pencil, thankfully] that everything was just slightly off. Needles to say I killed my pencil's eraser. [I discovered it AGAIN when I actually started painting the lines.... grumble....]

So, I primed it, drew it, painted on the black lines, painted in the blue, painted in the grey - both of which took several layers, then painted in the detail work [bricks, flags, etc], then went back over with black to clean the lines up. I had such a hard time painting a straight line I almost threw this project away. The new medication I am on make my hands shake really, really bad, so there was a LOT of cursing and clean up to do. But now, the behemoth is finally finished!

Overall, I'm somewhat happy with it. There are a lot of fudge-ups so of course that's all I see when I look at it - that, and my shaky, shaky lines. BUT, Mum loves it so that's all that matters... as long as she's telling me the truth, haha.

And now, on to the rest of the photos: