Well, THAT was a disappointment!  


Soooooooooooooooooo..... remember all that effort I made in to getting the dress ready in time for the cruise? You know, since I MADE the dress FOR the cruise?!

Well, as you know I finished it. I didn't know when I should wear it, but as it turned out we were booked for the most formal, nautical-themed restaurant on our last night - Triton's [as in, King Triton from"The Little Mermaid" hehe]

However, on our second night they did a formal portrait session before dinner where you could dress up and get professional portraits taken - the characters were even dressed in their best tuxes and gowns! I decided to take the opportunity to get some photos in my dress so I ran up to the room, threw it on, tried to make my hair look decent, and ran back down to join the ques! I didn't bring my purse or put on my gloves because I figured I'd just wear them to dinner and not have to fuss with them for photos. After Greg and I took photos together, I couldn't resist getting a photo with Goofy in his tux! I even got a little snog from Goofy, though he ended up awkwardly smashing my nose in, haha. Anyway, dinner that night was at one of the more casual restaurants so I ended up changing BACK into one of my more appropriate outfits.

On the last night I was all set to wear my Sailor Dress - I did my make-up all purdy, spent ages trying to get my hair to behave, had my pantyhose and special bra on [haha], got in my dress, asked my hubby to do up my zipper, and....

.... snap.

The zipper split.

Part of me wanted to laugh. Part of me wanted to cry. But, most of me just wanted to kick the CRAP out of my dress! And, well, that's exactly what I did. I couldn't help it! All that build-up! All that WORK! All to be FOILED at the VERY LAST FREAKING SECOND by my arch-nemesis, WAL-MART! I HATE you Wal-Mart! I hate you hate you HATE YOU!

After standing in disbelief for a second, then another couple seconds kicking the dress around the room, I had MINUTES to put another outfit together. I ended up wearing my white dress with the jacket I made for the dress [with the collar folded down so the stripes showed], the matching purse I made, and the new sailor-themed flip-flops I got on the trip [my old ones broke whilst on the island - the one place I DIDN'T get my 40% cast-member discount... I'm starting to think I'm a little too unlucky to just be quirky and amusing]. I was obviously disappointed in the outfit, since I was supposed to be wearing something MUCH more fabulous. Especially since it was the fanciest restaurant and there I was wearing flip-flops! Not that it was against the rules or anything, but still! I was SUPPOSED to be wearing my fabulous and favourite retro silver pumps! *sigh* Oh well, everything happens for a reason, right? I guess it ended up being lucky I had those ultra-adorable navy sailor Disney Cruise Line flip-flops that matched the jacket and purse so perfectly so it actually was a cute outfit [though, I still think it wasn't very flattering....]. Oh, and did I mention that the stripes of lining fabric turned the arm-pit of my white dress PINK?! Again, thank you Wal-mart. [You get what you paid for: the cheap fabric is actually white linen with red stripes painted or dyed or whatever on it, so it rubs off!]

Basically what I'm saying is this: NEVER depend on Wal-Mart. I used the cheap, black zipper because I HAD it, instead of investing in a better quality one, and I paid the price in the end. Curses! Oh, I'm also saying that the post of all the detailed photos and stuff about my dress is going to have to wait a little longer because now I have to go back and put a new zipper in! CURSES!

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