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Yesterday I started work on the Sailor Dress. I cut out the paper pieces of the pattern, pinned them to the fabric, and cut out the pieces. Yea, the insanely boring stuff. However, with it brought a new lesson in the world of sewing: Vacuum the floor before laying out five yards of Navy cotton across it.

Did I mention that we have six cats? One of them happens to be a white persian with long, cottony fur that seems gets spread across the carpet like a cheap spider web decoration. Anyway, obviously five yards is too much to lay across my workspace [aka: the kitchen table], so I had to lay it across the carpet. So, my brand new virgin fabric soon turned into this.

But, hey, I guess that's why lint rollers where invented, right?

The other thing I HATE about pinning and cutting on the carpet floor is accidently pinning the fabric to the carpet, or snipping off little chunks when I cut the pattern out. That is why I desperately want the pink ribbon self-healing cutting mat [which happens to be on sale right now at JoAnn's]!

I also decided to make this project about twice as hard for myself by lining the ENTIRE thing. The pattern includes lining the top of the dress, but I want to line the skirt AND the jacket. So, I had to send Greg off to [*gasp*] Wal-Mart for another few yards of this deliciously blinding stripped fabric.

Today, I picked up the last few little bits of bobs that I needed [navy thread, boning, and buttons] so I am all ready to go! I'm kind of disappointed that my $20 aim budget flew out of the window when I decided to line the whole thing. If I hadn't of decided to do that, I totally would have been fine, but as it stands its about a $30 dress. That includes the extra yard of two of the navy fabric that I ended up not needing... oh well.

And now, I sew!

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