Bodice, Take Two  


Today I had my second go at the bodice for the dress. It went only slightly smoother than the first time, haha.

When I did the lining the first time, I found there were a lot of visible navy stitches on the stripes which weren't easily fixable. So this time, I decided to use two colours of thread: navy on the top, and white in the bottom bobbin. That way, there are white stitches on the stripes, and the navy is on the navy! It worked out really well [and it helped me rip seams easily, too lol].

Ultimately, the end product is a slight improvement over the first take. I'm mildly satisfied, but out of extra fabric, so I'll be pressing on! Next step is adding the white neck straps to the bodice! I'm rather excited, as it will then give a pretty good idea of how it will look as a completely finished product.

Oh, and I get to make the buttons soon! Woo! Is it sad that I'm as excited about that as I am? haha.

ps - The best thing about this pattern? If I run out of time, I don't HAVE to make the jacket ;P

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