Did I mention I'm a perfectionist? Big time.

I started actually sewing on Tuesday and so far it's gone miserably!

Everything was going fine - I sewed the lining on the two, what I'm calling, "breast pieces," and then did the gathering part, pinned them to the bodice front.... and then I ran into trouble. I guess I just hit a mental block - I couldn't grasp the concept of sewing up the spike of the bodice and back down again, without accidentally getting the other side caught up in the stitches. That left me with a weird gathering effect instead of the desired one. It looks ok, I guess, but it's not right. I don't know, it's hard to explain. I should have taken pictures during the process... it might have helped me figure out what happened. I should have walked away, and come back later - refreshed ready to take a new look at the situation.

Instead, I was stubborn and decided to keep going.

So, I sewed the lining on to the now whole bodice piece, essentially repeating what I was supposed to do the first time... except this time, I just... DID it. It just worked, and I have no idea why lol

Now I'm left with a completed bodice piece, ready to keep going - sew on the neck straps, etc etc... but I'm not happy with the piece I have. At this point, I COULD just start over. It only took a couple hours to go through those three or four steps, and that's with the brain fart and such. It would probably go a lot smoother the second time, lol.

It just SUCKS that I have to start over, obviously, but I've pretty much decided that I'd rather do that and have a chance at making a better one, rather than just pressing on and the dress not be as gorgeous to me because of that imperfection. I just hope I have enough fabric left over!

The good news, though, is that I absolutely LOVE the combination of the navy fabric and striped lining. The effect on the inside of the bodice is just awesome, I think, and is really going to make the dress special.

And now... I'm going to watch tonight's episode of Project Runway - just to cement my crappy self-confidence! lol

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