Mild Distraction  


Last night, around 9:30/10 o'clock, I got the urge to craft. Obviously, my first thought was to work on my dress, but it WAS late and I really feel like I need to be in tip-top mental shape to grasp those directions. I wouldn't want to get into something complicated so late at night, making tired mistakes and messing up the whole thing.

Then I had a thought - What purse was I going to wear with my dress?! I took a look at my collection and, would you believe it, I didn't have ANYTHING that matched! So, obviously I had to make something.

I could have made a classic slouchy bag with the fabric I had left from the dress, but I didn't really think that matched the more polished retro style I was going for. Then I found this in my closet. It had a nice shape with a retro flair, but was kind of ugly and didn't match at all... but that would be an easy fix!

So, I began deconstructing it. I took off the lacy bit, and then lifted a corner of the red to see what was underneath. Turns out it was a plastic frame covered in a flimsy soft cardboard and then the red vinyl glued to that. The cardboard didn't come off cleanly at all. I had to scrape and scrape, so I decided that wasn't going to work.

In the end, I just glued my dress fabric over the red stuff. Then I added my own strip down the middle, made of the lining fabric I'm using on the dress. The strap I ended up twisting some satin rope stuff I had and then weaving it around the holders. I glued a bit of white binding tape around the ends in an effort to strengthen the hold.

THIS is the finished product! I kept the original lining, by the way.

I like it. I mean, it's not stellar craftsmanship or anything since I had to glue the whole thing lol, but it will do! I'm keeping an eye out for some little red anchor buttons, or something of the sort, but if I find some for the dress, I might put one on the purse. ;)

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