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For Halloween I'm being Sookie Stackhouse, as she appears in her Merlotte's waitress uniform. I already had the black shorts, I made the t-shirt a few days ago [I bought a $5 t-shirt from Wal-Mart and used iron-on transfer paper I already had to put on the Merlotte's logo], and even made a name-tag [My husband lent me his work badge and all we did was print out label maker labels and stick 'em on]! All that was left was her green apron and, of course, the signature blond locks.

The hair is turning out to be the biggest road block, actually, because wigs are made SO cheaply! I guess you get what you paid for, because I got a blonde wig from Wal-mart for $6, and it was HORRIBLE! We returned it, so the hunt continues on that front.

As for the apron - I got a yard of the only dark green fabric Wal-Mart had for $1.97 plus tax, and a little over two hours after I started, it was finished. The fabric is SO not ideal: it's shiny, slippery, flimsy, and SUPER thin - it was a pain in my butt to sew, too! My sewing machine, affectionately known as "Betsy," hated that fabric - it was so slippery that she couldn't push it along herself because it just flew all over the place. So I had to pull it taught and help feed it through, which of course made the fabric pucker. *Sigh* Oh well. It's not like I'm actually going to use it AS an apron - I'm just going to be wearing it out and about one night in Florida, so the thin-ness might actually be a plus... And you just can't argue with the price!

All I did was cut two rectangles in the sizes I wanted out the folded fabric - one for the base of the apron, and the other for the pockets. The two pieces for the pockets were sewn together, turned right side out, then sandwiched in between the two layers of the apron, sewing the two sides and bottom together [leaving the top edge raw]. After turning all that right side out, I did a little stitch close to one side to make two separate pockets, and prevent flopping of the pouch. The rest of the fabric was cut into four really long 2" wide strips: 2 were sewn together at the ends, then sewn together lengthwise. Then [after painfully turning it right side out], I folded it over the top edge of the apron and over itself so it ended up being long, skinny, and thick tie straps. That's it! I took notes and pictures of the process, just in case I wanted to make it again... which is good, because it looks like I'm already going to have to make one for someone else ;)

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