Warcraft Swap: Finished!  


      I finished and sent off all the things I made for my partner in our World of Warcraft Swap. I sent off late Wednesday afternoon and MUCH to our surprise it arrived in Sweden on Monday morning! Holy crow, that's fast!

      After seeing some of the other packages in the swap gallery, I was starting to feel VERY anxious that I didn't make enough stuff, but my partner insist her fiancee is happy with everything so hopefully she's not just being nice ;)

      Anyway, now that she's received I can post what I made here!

      First, I painted one of those cardboard book boxes. I tried my best to make it look like a rugged leather book - something that you might actually find in the halls of Orgrimmar. The idea was to make it Thrall's [the leader of the Orcs in Orgrimmar] little secret box.

     In fan lore, it's believed he is "very close" with a Human leader named Jaina Proudmoore, so I stuffed the book with goodies from Disney and made it seem like they were sent to Thrall from Jaina on her trip to Walt Disney World.

     I even made her send him a postcard.

[my cursive is TERRIBLE]

     Everything I made and sent I attached a label to, like the one you would see on any item in the game, so for Thrall's Journal, I attached this:

     Next I made a leather cuff. First, I painted the Horde logo on it [which, despite it's deceiptfully simple appearance, is a real BITCH to duplicate free-hand]. I worked really hard on shading it and everything to make it look more three-dimensional, but I couldn't really capture that in a photo. I also added black swirly bits all over and red splatters. Add some grommets, some leather to lace it up, and wah-la! Bracers of Pwnage!

     Finally, a t-shirt. I painted the yellow exclamation mark on the front of it. It's what you'd find in the game above a source that would give you a quest. On the back, right under the collar I painted another Horde logo. The tag includes a warning that whilst wearing the shirt, you are entitled to give orders, however those that complete said orders may expect a reward!

I threw in Minnie Mouse from Animal Kingdom for Ann, since everything I made was for her fiance, and of course everything was wrapped up in Disney bags lol.

     I really do hope they honestly liked everything and don't feel like they got jipped! I mean, I was sick the entire time and hopping in and out of various health places so the fact that I got anything done really astounds me, but that's no excuse. I can't help feeling crappy...

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As you know - THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!

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